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USC operates the McCulloch townhomes for the benefit of faculty & staff members who would like to reside close to campus. The townhomes are just north of campus at the intersection of Hoover and 30th streets. Tenants at the townhomes enjoy a gated community with secured underground parking, private patios, a short walk to campus, and close proximity to the UV shopping center.


The advantages of living at McCulloch are many: belonging to a close knit community of faculty and staff and their families; walking to work; being a member of the lively urban community which surrounds the university while living in a peaceful oasis; getting to the Music Center in ten minutes; using the Lyon Center before breakfast (with a faculty or staff membership); having easy access to the many cultural events on campus; and much more.

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The McCulloch Townhomes generally have a waiting list, as only 2-3 units open up each year. Faculty & Staff interested in leasing a townhome should apply to the waiting list. Applicants desiring a tour should contact the Department. Once an applicant is selected from the waiting list, a complete application must be submitted and a credit check must be approved before moving in to the McCulloch Townhomes.

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Leasing Manager: Dee Jackson
Phone: (213) 740-4895
Fax: (213) 821-5240

Address for all mail correspondences:

USC Real Estate & Asset Management
University Park Campus
Los Angeles, CA 90089-7271

Address for all deliveries, couriers, Fed Ex and UPS packages

USC Real Estate & Asset Management
3335 S. Figueroa, Unit G
Los Angeles, CA 90007


Maintenance and service requests should be submitted to Dee Jackson - McCulloch Townhomes Property Manager:
Phone: (213) 740-4895
Fax: (213) 821-5240

Office Address & Phone

  • University of Southern California
  • Real Estate & Asset Management
  • 3335 S. Figueroa St, UGW-110 Los Angeles, CA 90089-7271
  • Phone: (213)821-3070
  • Fax: (213)821-3073

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Staff Directory

Laurie Stone
Associate Senior Vice President, Real Estate & Asset Management (213)821-3070,
Brian League
Executive Director, Real Estate Development (213)740-5467,
Melissa Schild
Executive Director, Land Use and Planning (213) 821-2256,
Peter Songster
Manager, Leasing & Project Management (213) 821-6308,
Melanie Joseph
Manager, Leasing & Project Management (213) 821-4599,
Lisa Rediger
Employee Housing Administrator (213) 740-7066,
Dee Jackson
Associate Director/Property Manager/Tax Administrator (213)740-4895,
Assistant Director of Acquisitions & Gifts (213) 821-3070
Jose Ramirez
Facilities Manager (213)821-3006,
Karisa Katsuki
Project Specialist (213) 821-2831,
Anita Loera
Administrative Assistant (213)821-2092,
Executive Assistant (213) 821-3070